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How we handle the tooling manufacturing process for our clients

1.collecting the basic technical information from customers' request: Cavities Qty, hardness of steel, lifetime of tooling,material of product, cold or hot runner, surfaces request and so on

2. Preparing DFM to save time and cost accompany with front end analysis, it shows the mold construction, includes parting lines, injection system, ejection system and cooling system, and also the improving suggestions about the part will be reported to the customer, addtionally, mold flow will be provided. So DFM is essential communication for project engineer, tool design engineer and customer. It not only optimizes product design solutions, but also greatly improved the tool design. Our dedicated DFM technical center offers the DFM for each tool to outline program schedules and effective solutions to solve tooling problems during the manufacturing & molding process.. 
3. Our project engineers are experienced in tooling design, they are able to discuss project techniques directly with customers in English.

4. Weekly program update are reported to the customers for processing status.
5. Project team will have mould trial analysis after each trial to optimize tool function. A  tool check list it completed in accordance with the tool design and specification before shipping
6.  A tool function validation of 4~6 hours is required for preproduction to insure the tool will have good performance when the tool arrives at the customer facility, in accordance with BSM standards.
7. Vacuum packaging will be utilized to avoid rust while shipping 
8. Establishing tool standards data is provided for each customer 
9. After sales service
providing all the 2D and 3D data
introduction of tool function
steel material certificate