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 Retech prototypes workshop has 8 sets of the CNC machines, including 6 sets of the high-speed CNC among, 2 sets high-quality vacuum duplicate ( Urethane casting) machines, and 2 sets of sand blasting machines, besides, it's worth mentioning that we have a matched industry chain which involve electroplating, metallization,laser etching etc. Our biggest CNC machining stroke is 1500mm*800mm*400mm, and the accuracy can be achieved as ±0.05mm, the main raw materials are Al5052, AL6061, Brass, PC, PMMA, POM, PP, PA(GF), ABS, PVC, Rubber, TPE, HDPE, PPS, PEEK and so on.

Retech's post-processing is very professional, all the technicians who have rich experience about handmake, this will make sure the product has a great aesthetic appearance and surface treatments, meanwhile any requirements which requested by customers would be reached well, such as mirror polishing, sand blasting, painting,UV processing,laser etching,anodise,electroplating.

Mockup manufacturing, for some complicated prototypes, we have to make it with aim of duplicated vacuum moulding procesing even SLS or SLA.That help us to broaden our businees scope and meet more different gradations of customers.

The entire employees who in Retech promise that “ We will always take the Responsibility for our production", " our working is always the most Efficient"," keep learning the latest Technology", " never give up to Explore new fields", "making your Creativity come ture", " To pursue the high quality persisitently".

Retech also has capacity to handle projects for injection toolings,the management is according with ISO9001:2008.

Our mould work plant, it covers about 1500 square meters with advanced 8 sets of the CNC machines, 4 sets of the high-speed EDM machine, 3 sets high-quality wirecut machines, and a precise three D coordiate measurement. That is to say we are enough confident to finish the order for prototyping injection moulds even export customizing toolings.